Fashion now a days were on trending, the mere fact that almost all of the people in the world young or adult, regardless of age are very much particular on fashion. These days what people is looking up to with fashion is something simple but looks so cool and elegant. Most clothing brands and designers defined it as basic clothing design. They call it basic for all of the items were really so simple it is just a matter of how you are going to match it with some other garments in order to make it look fabulous even how simple it is to be. Simplicity is beauty and that is why almost all clothing line give so much value and attention in designing wardrobe which is simple yet fashionable, from North London escort.

Before holiday seasons I made it sure that I will be able to packed up gifts for my love ones, friends and co-workers. This is my way of giving back what I had received the whole entire year. I made it every year and that made me go into outlet store shopping for their were sales and I could have get so much of discounts that I could have save some amount of money for the celebration of the holiday season. So a month before holiday season I will come and visit London for Christmas shopping. London is the place where there are a lot of outlet stores and they offer almost 75% off in almost of their items and I could save a lot more than buying in a regular store in malls. I do not care about the time and efforts that I will be spending in there for as long as I know that the people that who are going to receive my gift will be happy and that is all enough for me.

It is a whole week shopping for me for aside from going into shopping into outlet stores I would also like to enjoy the scenic views of London and most especially their foods are so good. So during late at night I went out and go somewhere else and have some sightseeing on some spot destination of London and eat some food as my mid night dinner. Upon my roaming around the scenic view of the place in London I was hooked by a gorgeous, hot and sexy woman in front of me. she wears simple clothes yet she looks with class and elegance that I even told myself “ow she is so erotically beautiful” that was the only time that I admire a woman. So I am just on the other corner looking unto her and find some ways on how I could approach her. When I noticed that she has no companion then that’s the time I make a move in getting closer to where she is located at. I then ask her some information’s and telling her that I am here in London for a Christmas shopping. She then give a very bright smile and tells me back that if I need some assistance in shopping she is more willing to help me. So the night is so long for us and we both enjoying each other’s company and in the middle of our conversation I found out that she is connected with North London escorts. I do not know how to react on what I find out about her I just feel so blessed that I could have the bigger chance of having her as my companion for as long as I will booked her for some services that I needed from her.

So the whole remaining days that I have in London spent for shopping is going to my North London escorts fashion line of Michael Korea’s and into it outlet stores. I have learn so much from her when it comes to fashion and one more thing I saved more than 75% of budget in my Christmas shopping do I then treat her as my way of thanking her of her generous time and effort helping me found Michael Korea’s clothing line that is so inexpensive and the best quality as well.